Matricula Consular: An Identification Card?

A Matricula Consular is an Identification Card issued by the Mexican Consulate. This identification card is used to help Mexican citizens who live in the United States cross the border with ease.

Matricula translates into “register”, thus card means that the holder is registered with the Mexican Consulate.

To obtain a Matricula Consular, the Mexican national needs a Mexican birth certificate, a picture identification, proof of a local address and pay a fee. The immigration status of the person requesting the card is not an issue.

In California the Matricula Consular card can not be  used as a valid form of identification for notarizing documents. This stands true for undocumented Mexican citizens residing in the United States. What else is this card used for?  Law enforcement agencies use this card when faced with the task of identifying Mexican nationals involved in accidents or national disasters. The card enables undocumented Mexicans citizens to open a bank account.  The utility companies use the card to allow accounts to be open for utilities, the school systems allow them to be used to enroll children into school. Los Angeles County accepts the Matricula as identification at all of its county departments.

Several states allow the Matricula Consular in conjunction with another identification to obtain that state’s driver’s license.

With all these agencies accepting the Matricular Consular card as identification, can a Notary Public accept the Matricula Consular as identification for a notarization?  How about when the driver’s license is obtained, using a Matricula Consular as identification? Should the Notary Public use that driver’s license for a notarization?

There are only a few states that specifically allow the Matricula Consular to be accepted as satisfactory evidence of identification. Unless your state specifically allows use of the Matricula Consular as identification, you should continue to rely on the acceptable forms of identification that is allowed by your state to prove satisfactory evidence.

Should the Notary accept a driver’s license that was issued using a Matricula Consular?  The answer is “YES”. A legally obtained driver’s license is always accepted as satisfactory evidence. How that driver’s license is obtained, is irrelevant in the context of proving the identity of the signer.